TriStar Arms introduces 12 gauge TriStar Compact bullpup


The TriStar Compact is a 12-gauge bullpup shotgun from TriStar Arms. (Photo: TriStar Arms)

TriStar Arms announced its newest firearm, the TriStar Compact, unveiling the 12-gauge bullpup shotgun on Tuesday.

The TriStar Compact boasts a 20-inch barrel on an overall 30-inch length with the ability to chamber up to three-inch shells. The gas-operated shotgun features a removable choke system with Beretta/Benelli Mobile Threads. The TriStar Compact delivers a rubber recoil pad in addition to sling mounts and a fixed carry handle with adjustable sights.

“The KRX set the standard for what an AR-like shotgun can be. Now with the Compact we’re raising the bar for both AK-like and bullpup shotguns,” Ryan Bader, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for TriStar Arms, said in a news release. “Home defense, range fun, and law enforcement can now all take advantage of increased power in a more portable package with the TriStar Compact.”

The TriStar Compact will make its official consumer debut at the NRA Annual Meeting to be held in Dallas, Texas May 4-6. MSRP on the Compact is set for $790.

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