Sound Off On The Proposed Bump Stock Ban, Comments Needed

Ban Bump Fire Gun Parts
Sound Off On The Proposed Bump Stock Ban

North Carolina –-(

“When they give us that inch, that bump stock ban, we will take a mile” ~ student gun banner, Delaney Tarr

The bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) wants to change the language defining a Machine gun to include “Bump-Stock Type Devices” by wrongly claiming that “these devices convert an otherwise semiautomatic firearm into a machinegun” that are “able to produce automatic fire with a single pull of the trigger.”

A Bump-Stock actually requires Multiple pulls of the trigger in order to operate the gun. This is a very dangerous precedent that could bring all semi-automatic firearms under the National Firearms Act (NFA).

The Gun Grabbers have already made noises in this direction: Gun Control That Actually Works

The ATF has to play by the rules in making them up for everyone else. This means it has to go through the proper channels in changing the law.

Comment Against This Infringement

The BATFE’s comment period regarding this proposed rule is now open, and it is critical that you submit a comment against this proposed infringement on your gun rights.

If this is not stopped, who knows when all guns will be classified as “machine guns?” To comment, find a link below, and a copy/paste message you can use to comment.


SUBMIT A COMMENT AGAINST THE THE SEMI-AUTO/BUMP-STOCK BAN Click on the link provided, and use the copy/paste message provided below under ‘Deliver This Message.’


“I'm writing today to speak against the proposed rule that would, by fiat, make Bump-Stock Type Devices illegal.”

There are several issues with this proposed rule:

1. Changing the language of an existing law by executive fiat.

The Legislative branch is supposed to write the laws, while the executive branch enforces them. It would be a severe case of executive overreach if it can make these changes on its own.

2. The proposed rule changes the definition of a “Machinegun”, setting a dangerous precedent for future overreach.
3. The proposed rule wrongly declares that “a semiautomatic firearm to which a bump-stock-type device is attached is able to produce automatic fire with a single pull of the trigger.”

4. In trying to thread the needle in banning these devices, the ATF is setting up for future overreach in bringing all semi-automatic firearms under the National Firearms Act (NFA).

5. This propose rule would be unconstitutional on multiple levels.

For these reasons, I must insist that the BATFE immediately discard any thoughts of imposing this rule making “Bump-Stock Type Devices” illegal.

Grass Roots North Carolina
Grass Roots North Carolina

Grass Roots North Carolina/Forum for Firearms Education is a non-profit, all volunteer organization devoted to educating the public about trends which abridge the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, and engaging in grass roots activism to preserve those freedoms. Formed in 1994 to conduct a highly successful rally for the Second Amendment, GRNC has gone on to conduct projects like “Remember in November: A Gun Owner's Guide to Voting,” bringing concealed carry to North Carolina.

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