GoWild Partners with Raise ‘Em Outdoors to Bring More Kids Outside

Raise Em Outdoors Founder, Erin Crooks
Raise Em Outdoors Founder, Erin Crooks

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Much of the hunting industry is debating what to do about falling hunter numbers, but one organization is skipping the debate and diving into the solution.

Raise ‘Em Outdoors is a nonprofit organization that is getting thousands of kids and parents outside, many of which for the first time. Raise ‘Em Outdoors' nationwide camps are a multi-day experience, teaching youth archery, angling, safe firearms practices, ethical hunting and how their actions can impact conservation efforts.

GoWild, the fastest-growing and most-active app platform for outdoors enthusiasts, is proud to announce a new partnership with Raise ‘Em Outdoors. GoWild is sponsoring all of the organization’s 2018 camps, as well as providing a safe place for camp attendees—both parents and kids alike—to ask questions within the app and learn beyond the camp itself.

“I’m excited to have support from not only the GoWild team, but the whole community,” said Raise ‘Em Outdoors Founder, Erin Crooks. “GoWild has quickly become a place where you can ask any question and find an answer from someone with experience. It’s a mentoring tool for the next generation and adults who are hunting for the first time.”

Integrating Mentorship Into the App

GoWild is introducing a new way to get answers from outdoors mentors. The app has a series of forums called Trails. Anyone can follow or post to a Trail, and the platform is launching a new Mentorship Trail in partnership with Raise ‘Em Outdoors for not only camp attendees, but anyone who wants to ask questions and learn without feeling the pressure of sounding like a newbie.

“We all start somewhere,” said Brad Luttrell, Co-Founder and CEO of GoWild. “At some point, you don’t know where to buy a hunting license, how to tag a buck or what shotgun shell to buy. This gives these up and comers, both kids and adults alike, a place to be honest with themselves and ask questions freely without fear of judgment.”

GoWild App Logo

Crooks said after seeing the volume of young people using the app, she knew GoWild was the right partner.

“Seeing all of these kids using the app and asking questions, it’s like a digital version of one of our camps,” said Crooks. “I’m so excited to see how this partnership evolves. We both truly think we have a great step towards getting more people into hunting and fishing, and therefore raising a new generation of conservationists.”

Learn more about and get involved with Raise ‘Em Outdoors at raiseemoutdoors.com. Learn more about GoWild at timetogowild.com.

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