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Franklin Armory Presents Reformation: A New Line of Firearms


Jay Jacobson from Franklin Armory sat down with OSG’s Michael Bane at SHOT Show 2018 to discuss Reformation, Franklin Armory’s new line of “non-rifles.” The line has been one of the most highly talked about subjects at SHOT this year. The new firearms from Franklin Armory have opened up a whole new market segment.

The firearm shown has an 11.5-inch barrel, but with a rifle stock attached. The rifle barrel also comes with straight cut lands and grooves, while retaining a standard chamber. Franklin Armory calls this barrel technology NRS, or “Not a Rifle or Shotgun.” This innovative barrel technology affects the stabilization of the rifle and the spin of the bullet. Franklin Armory worked closely with the ATF to meet all standards and get this firearm approved.

The new Reformation line of firearms has a couple of other unique features, such as a binary trigger. The rifle trigger has three positions; safe, semiautomatic and binary. The binary trigger allows the rifle to fire and both the pull and release of the trigger. Jacobson showed Bane some of the firearms’ unique safety features, including their patented trigger safety.

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