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SCCY Firearms Shows Off Colorful .380 and 9mm Pistols


Wayne Holt from SCCY Firearms sat down with OSG’s Michael Bane at SHOT Show 2018 to talk about SCCY’s reasonably priced and reliable firearms. SCCY makes firearms that won’t break the bank, but are reliable enough for every day carry.

Holt showed Bane the SCCY .380 pistol, which is available in multiple color options. He explains that many new shooters are women, and the new choice of colors has been a hit with the growing demographic. Holt and Bane also spoke about the SCCY 9mm pistol, which just like the .380, has reliable iron sights and minimal kick back.  Both of these pistols are perfect for concealed carry due to their small size and minimal recoil.

SCCY Firearms manufactures all guns in house, and pistols are priced around $250.


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