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SHOT Show 2018 Q&A with DoubleStar’s Nick Collier


DoubleStar’s Nick Collier sat down with Michael Bane at SHOT Show 2018 to talk about their new products and how the gun industry has changed. Collier said that the industry has changed from buying guns to buying parts. As a result, DoubleStar began focusing on producing high quality gun parts, such as stocks and barrels. DoubleStar has been selling tools and kits lately, as many people have begun to build their own guns. They’ve also been selling accessories such as muzzle brakes.

One of the guns Collier is showing off at SHOT this year is their new AR pistol. The pistol comes with a new reinforced stock that helps maintain accuracy. The advantage of this gun is its size. AR pistols are easily maneuverable and can fit easily in a truck or a Honda Civic.

DoubleStar hasn’t been focusing on just guns lately. They have shifted some of their focus into the knife world. DoubleStar has three new knife models coming out this year. DoubleStar makes quality blades for a reasonable price, and they are durable. Collier shows off multiple new models to Bane, and each model serves a different purpose. The grip on these knives are fantastic and reliable. DoubleStar makes all of their fixed blades in their shop in Kentucky.


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