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High End .22s for Competitive Shooting


Scott Volquartsen of Volquartsen Firearms sits down with Michael Bane to talk about .22s and the Rimfire Challenge. Volquartsen and his company manufacture high end .22s for competitive shooting. Volquartsen had to change the way they manufacture guns to adapt to the new challenges of the Rimfire Challenge. They used to focus on precision and accuracy, now they are beginning to focus on balance and transition.

.22 ammo is incredibly dirty, and that can be a big problem for competitive shooters. The ammo can lead to grime buildup, which can cause the gun to jam. As a result, Volquartsen put a new finish on all of the bolts, which allows the gun to stay dry and avoid jams. Volquartsen sponsors shooting teams as well, which gives him an opportunity to test their guns and the new finishes. This allows Volquartsen to continue to improve his guns and how they function.

Volquartsen’s new rifle has a straight pull bolt and a carbon fiber barrel. The rifle is roughly four and a half pounds, making it incredibly light. The carbon fiber barrel has a few advantages, including a better cool down time. It also has the accuracy of a heavy stainless-steel bolt barrel, but at about half the weight. The carbon fiber sleeve also dampens the recoil of the gun, giving it incredible accuracy.

Bane said he had a Volquartsen trigger on all of the .22s that he owns because of the high quality and easy trigger pull. If you’re looking for a .22 to competitively shoot with, Volquartsen Firearms has high quality rifles that will help you become a better shooter.


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