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First Look: UMAREX Hammer .50 Cal Air Rifle


As more and more states consider opening up high-powered air rifle seasons for game animals such as white-tailed deer, interest is growing in alternative hunting methods.


At Industry Day at the Range, Sportsman Channel host Steve Criner of Desert Dog TV showed off the new Umarex .50 Cal Hammer Air Rifle to OSG writer Lynn Burkhead.


Described by Umarex as the most powerful production air rifle on the planet, the Hammer delivers 760 foot pounds of energy to the target while shooting a 550-grain lead slug at 790-feet per second.


With hunting ranges similar to those available to muzzleloader enthusiasts, Criner gives viewers a 101-style educational discussion on how to get into the growing trend of chasing big game animals, wild hogs, and varmints with air rifles like the new Umarex .50 Caliber Hammer.

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