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A Suppressed Bond Arms Bullpup 9mm

Gordon Bond of Bond Arms sat down with Michael Bane to take a look at their new Bond Bullpup 9mm. This new model has an extended barrel that allows a suppressor to be attached. Bond Arms is releasing a new suppressor to go along with this new Bullpup model. Bond re-engineered their Bullpup model to make it cleaner and give it a reverse feed. The reverse feed makes the gun more compact and allows them to have a longer barrel on the gun. The extra length on the barrel is important on a 9mm. This gun model has a better sight system than most pocket pistols. This gun shoots well and has been well reviewed. Most people who don’t like shooting pocket pistols have enjoyed shooting Bond’s new Bullpup model. It is more accurate and easier to handle than many other pocket pistols. It is also a great pistol for self-defense situations. Bond said it took around two years of fine tuning the gun to get it to where it is today. This new gun was a challenge for Bond because this gun was vastly different than what they normally make. People had been asking Bond Arms to make a semiautomatic because of their quality, and now they finally have the model to show off. Bond Arms has fun making guns that people enjoy shooting. The post A Suppressed Bond Arms Bullpup 9mm appeared first on Guns & Ammo.

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