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The Rise of Specialty Ammo: DoubleTap Ammunition


The rise of specialty ammunition has rocked the firearms industry, and DoubleTap Ammunition has been a leader in specialty ammunition production. Mike McNett started making ammo in 2002, when there weren’t many new ammunition companies. McNett began making specialty 10mm rounds that were full power, a first of its kind in 2002. McNett was making these rounds in his basement, and soon, he was making more than he could produce. This forced him to quit his day job and begin focusing on making ammo, specifically 10mm. McNett found success offering specialty 10mm rounds to thousands of different guns that were hungry for 10mm bullets.

Eventually, after making different types of specialty 10mm rounds, McNett branched out into different calibers. Now, DoubleTap offers unique loads in a variety of calibers. Their unique loads can give higher velocity or a cooler bullet, and they can only be found at DoubleTap.

The 10mm cartridge fell off the map over the past few decades, but in the last 12 months it has found its way back into the spotlight. The 10mm has always been one of the most versatile auto pistol cartridges available. It has always been a good cartridge for hunting and self-defense. The 10mm also has more power than the .45 cartridge.

Many gun manufacturers were looking for a better way for people to buy new products. As a result, these manufacturers turned toward a cartridge, the 10mm, that already exists and fills more than one need. Manufacturers, such as SIG Sauer, changed some of their .45 frames to fit 10mm. With the manufacturers doing this, the ammo just needed to catch up, which is where DoubleTap comes in. As a result, DoubleTap has sold more 10mm ammo over the last four years than any other company on the planet.

McNett is carrying a 10mm most of the time, proving that it can be used for self-defense. Others have used the 10mm to hunt game as well, showing how versatile the 10mm cartridge truly is.

DoubleTap is the only company that makes 10mm Magnum, which has become a hot commodity in the shooting community recently. They make four different loads in the 10mm Magnum, including a 200 grain and a 230 grain hardcast. This lineup allows them to take the 10mm Magnum and give it .44 mag power and penetration, which is the most important aspect. This specialty 10mm Magnum is really a .44 mag length auto cartridge that they lengthened out three tenths of an inch. DoubleTap’s 10mm Magnum can outperform other companies’ .41 magnums. DoubleTap’s specialty 10mm ammo varieties are one of the hottest commodities at SHOT Show 2018.

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