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Monroe County Sheriff Martin is ENJOINED from Enforcing Unlawful License to Carry Firearms Requirements


On January 16, 2018, Wyoming County President Judge Russell Shurtleff, specially presiding, issued an Order unsealing a December 13, 2017 Decision and Order in the John Doe, et al. v. Monroe County, et al. case, which granted a preliminary injunction against the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department and Sheriff Todd Martin in relation to their unlawful license to carry firearms (LTCF) requirements. As our viewers are aware from a prior Pocono Record article, I am representing the Plaintiffs in this matter.

The preliminary injunction precludes the Monroe County Sheriff from:

  1. Sending out postcards advising applicants of their license renewal, denial or acceptance;
  2. Requiring applicants to submit Local 1% Earned Income Tax Forms, Federal Income Tax Returns, Pa. State Tax Returns or Real Estate Tax Bills;
  3. Requiring written documentation from an applicant’s doctor as to the specific nature of applicant’s disabilities, as well as, any medications the applicant may be taking due to the disability;
  4. Requiring a copy of the applicant’s Social Security Statement;
  5. Requiring a copy of an applicant’s DD-214 (military discharge papers);
  6. Requiring any references to be Monroe County residents; and,
  7. Requiring an applicant to provide a list of medications that he or she may be prescribed.

If you or someone you know has had their confidential license to carry firearms applicant information disclosed or are being required to provide information for a license to carry firearms, which is not provided for in the licensing provision, contact Firearms Industry Consulting Group today to discuss YOUR rights and legal options.


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