Exploding Targets, Machine Guns, Shooting Ranges, Targets, Videos — December 2, 2017 at 4:22 am

Labor Day 2017 – The 2nd annual Stone Mountain machine gun shoot


USA Chemical Supply was on hand once again to provide the KaBooms with their exploding targets! Do not miss this latest chapter in Pennsylvania’s greatest outdoor firearms enthusiast event! The second annual Labor Day machine gun shoot at Stone Mountain was filmed on location in Monroeton, Pennsylvania. Beautiful scenery adorns the fully automatic gunfire of military weapons from all Eras, see the Bumpski King with Lee Armory AK47’s, NEXGEN2 suppressors debuting the new MaxFlow2 can, Raff Tactical with the Bad Ass 100 round Surefire mag dumps, and Dennis A. Todd Class III Firearms, introducing you to a one-of-a-kind 1953 Russian Type-2 Milled AK47. Do not miss this! For all the latest video updates, please follow @Bad.Ass.Media on Instagram and subscribe to SV Media Films on Youtube.

Soundtrack: Battleship OST and John Wick I OST.
Produced by SV Media Films, 2017.

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